Hawaii Marine Cleaning

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From aircraft carriers, to commercial fishing vessels, the largest tank Farm or a small tank Terminal, Hawaii Marine Cleaning has the Commercial cleaning equipment for almost any tank cleaning need. Whether it’s 40,000 PSI “UHPW” Ultra High Pressure Washing or Hydro Jetting for coating removal in a rail car or lining removal on almost any surface. HMC has the equipment for almost any cleaning need. If cleaning to bare metal is not needed but you still need more then just pressure washing, 5,000 to 15,000 PSI Hydroblasting is often an economical environmentally sound cleaning solution.


We also offer Ventilation cleaning with both pneumatic lances and Goodway rotary powered brushes. All types acid cleaning for Condenser tubes, Evaporators CHT and many other Acid Flushing needs.

Call Hawaii Marine, California Marine, Washington Marine or Alaska Marine today so our skilled personnel and experienced management team can meet your ship repair and industrial cleaning needs.


Hawaii  Marine Cleaning can be your one stop Industrial cleaning Company with Vacuum truck and tanker service. For liquid storage, Poly tanks and Poly tank rentals from 300 to 6000 gals, secondary containment to almost any size.